Natalie Pack + Aaron O’Connell

It’s always a beautiful day when you’re photographing a gorgeous celebrity couple like Natalie Pack and Aaron O’Connell in an adorable decorated space like @ripplebnb in Broad Ripple!!!  These two soon to be married love birds are not only beautiful in photos, but are so talented and incredibly sweet!!!

Natalie has Modeled for Guess, was Miss California 2012, and was on America’s Next Top Model.  Natalie has a following of 156K on Instagram where you check her out at @nataliepack.  Aaron is an Actor and is best known for his portrayal of  Wyatt Cryer on Tyler Perry’s The Haves and The Have Nots.  Aaron also plays guitar and is a licensed Pilot and volunteers to help fly and relocate dogs from populated California shelters to other nearby shelters that have more space.  The two met at a charity event to help people in other countries get clean water.  Aaron has a mere 55K followers on IG and you can follow him at @aaronoconnell.  But the one who truly stole my heart was their beloved Vizsla, Fig!!!!!  Fig has his own IG account where you can see his day to day cuteness!  Be sure to follow this good looking fella at @figthewiggler on IG!

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