Hi, my name is Theresa Hartsock and I am a Wedding Photographer.  I consider myself half Californian and half Hoosier.  I was born in California, but Indiana is primarily my home.  I love traveling to document love stories.  I knew I wanted to be an artist at a very early age and starting drawing and painting portraits.  I went on to study Graphic Design in college and bought my very own camera for a photography class and was obsessed with developing and printing about a billion photos.  I’ve spent about 10 + years photographing weddings.

I jump out of bed every morning excited to start the day because I am a morning person (I know I shouldn’t have said that!) and because I get to explore new places and meet new people and document their stories.  This is more than a job for me.  I am on a mission to capture what excites them and brings out their emotions and I get to photograph that!

I want to live in a world where people are courteous to each other and care for one another and love is real.  I grew up in a small town and loved the experience and the values I was raised with.

When I am not photographing humans, you can find me enjoying the outdoors.  I love hiking and biking and sitting by a big bonfire with friends and enjoying good food and conversation.  I love traveling and exploring beautiful locations.  I’ve been to almost all the Hawaiian Islands and Kauai 14 times!  I’m a big fan of gardening, eating healthy… and sometimes enjoying a brat from the campfire, cooking interesting recipes, going to thrift shops, and cuddling & walking my dog Jewels.  My favorite food is Breakfast.  I love Tabasco and I keep a bottle in my purse.

I would love to start a conversation!  Contact me today at theresa@theresastory.com and we can talk over a cup of coffee and a slice of pie!